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WiX Toolset


WiX is a set of tools that allows you to create Windows Installer-based deployment packages for your application. The WiX toolset is based on a declarative XML authoring model. You can use WiX on the command line by using the WiX tools or MSBuild. In addition, there is also a WiX Visual Studio plug-in. The WiX toolset supports building the following types of Windows Installer files:

  • Installer (.msi)
  • Patches (.msp)
  • Merge Modules (.msm)
  • Transforms (.mst)

WiX supports a broad spectrum of Windows Installer features. In addition, WiX also offers a set of built-in custom actions that can be used and incorporated in Windows Installer packages. The custom actions are offered in a set of WiX extensions. Some common WiX extensions include support for Internet Information System (IIS), Structured Query Language (SQL), the .NET Framework, Visual Studio, and Windows etc.



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