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DPInst is a tool that allows us to install signed Plug and Play (PnP) function drivers, as well as signed class filter drivers. It can also run in legacy mode, to install unsigned drivers. Starting with Windows 7, DPInst is part of the WDK (Windows Driver Kit).

DPInst can be run interactively or silently. DPInst tries to install the driver packages that can be found in the working directory. Both scenarios (interactive or silent) accept the use of a XML file that will contain the configuration flags.


/a installAllOrNone=ON
DPInst will install the drivers only if all of the drivers in the installation package can be installed.
/c Will display log messages in the Command Prompt window where dpinst has been called.
/d deleteBinaries=ON
After the installation of a driver package, the binary files that were copied to the system will be deleted.
/el enableNotListedLanguages=ON
It enables all supported languages that are not not mentioned in the DPInst descriptor file.
/f forceIfDriverIsNotBetter=ON
This forces the installation of the driver package, even if the driver currently installed on the device is a better match than the new one.
/h, /? or /help Displays help info. If called in a Command Prompt, the info will be displayed there. Otherwise, there’ll be a message box.
/l languageId Change the language of the installation.
/lm legacyMode=ON
Unsigned drivers will be accepted. However, Windows driver signing requirements apply to the installation of a driver package from the driver store.
/q or /s quietInstall=ON
It suppresses the display of wizard pages, user dialogs and other messages.
/p promptIfDriverIsNotBetter=ON
A dialog will be displayed in case the driver being installed is not a better match than the one currently installed on the device.
/path workingDirectory Sets the working directory, where DPInst will look for the driver packages.
/sa suppressAddRemovePrograms=ON
The driver package won’t appear in Programs and Features, in Control Panel.
/se suppressEulaPage=ON
The EULA page won’t be displayed
/sh scanHardware=ON
A driver package will be installed for a PnP function driver only if the driver package matches a device that is currently configured in a computer and if it’s a better match than the currently installed driver.
/sw suppressWizard=ON
No wizard pages will be displayed.
/u infFilePath This will uninstall a driver package whose INF path is mentioned in the command line. The path is relative to the directory containing DPInst.exe