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Dell Update Package (DUP)

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/? or /h Displays this Update Package usage information.
/s Suppresses all graphical user interfaces of the Update Package.
/i Does a fresh install of the Update Package. (NOTE: Requires /s option)
/e=<path> Extraction of update contents to a folder. (NOTE: Requires /s option)
/passthrough ... (Advanced) Sends all text following the /passthrough option directly to the vendor install software of the Update Package. This mode suppresses any provided graphical user interfaces, but not necessarily those of the vendor software.
/factoryinstall /passthrough (vendor command line parameter) (Advanced) (commnad line parameters) will be passed to vendor installer directly without parsing MUP.xml. Post installation, If the vendor installer returns REBOOT_REQUIRED or REBOOT_UPDATE_PENDING, it will be turned to SUCCESS.
/capabilities (Advanced) Returns a coded description of this Update Package's supported features. (NOTE: Requires /s option)
/l=<path> Define a specific path for the Update Package log file. (NOTE: This option can NOT be used in combination with /passthrough or /capabilities)

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